Out To Lunch (Film)

Out To Lunch (Film)

“Out to Lunch” explores the feeling of being a woman alone in a city. It plays with the idea of neurosis, and the fine line between overreacting and trusting your instincts, when plans go awry. In our current unstable political and social climate, and in the shadow of the #MeToo movement, it wrestles with the question we ask ourselves every day: “Am I in danger? Or am I just being crazy?”

Directed by: Katia Koziara
Written/Produced by: Cleo Handler

Cleo Handler
Brad Dourif
Brian Wiles
Dennis Dannel

Director of Photography / Colorist: Johnny Sousa
Edited by: Katy Miller
Sound Design: Andy Stein
Visual Effects: Mike Warren
Wardrobe: Katie Kupferberg
Titles: Adam Grannick

Apartment Song – Tommy Bazarian
Diner Music – Joe Jedrlinic/Noiselab101 Productions
Credits Song – “Parasites” by San Fermin